Sunday, December 07, 2008

There is an authentic American reaction to what I wrote about Leonardo DiCaprio's latest film:

This is just too juicy.As far as I'm concerned, the many bad apples spoil for all. I would like the next Hitler to pursue Islam with full force, are them old concentration camps/gas chambers still in working order?The war on terror isn't won because there's too much pussyfooting. If the US military would strike with full force, such as dropping a bunker-buster on a building wherein civilians are being used as shields, the cockroaches would run out of places to hide.The American way IS the future. The fucking Europeans have been around for thousands of years, yet a 200 year old country surpasses them technologically & economically, to the point that the Euro has to be created to compete. The butthurt shows in the contempt.BAWWWWW, America this and that. Yet when shit hits the fan, no other country else steps up to the plate.Someone blocks my path on my way to school or to a job, they're gonna get their ass beat.Enough students with that mindset and the trains would run without a problem, the European passivity is what creates no-go zones (Pfft, the French) for moslims.Perhaps it is time to burn the whole fucking kitchen, since we're allowing it to be overrun with cockroaches. Not that Obama has the balls, he's a fucking dove. I wait with bated breath for him to take the presidency just to see what policies he really puts forth. When the middle class starts seeing taxes rising to disgusting rates (Pfft, the Germans) just to support useless fucks that drain the system, let's see if they still like their new god.Kudos for top-notch trolling!
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And do think this is written by someone who is an illegal immigrant in the US, I would say supposedly, but from Texas, which is a lot more pregnant about this ideology.

It will take a little more than just a little help from my friends to change that. But it shows the genocidal mind is never silent nor dead in humanity. It is always there, lurking under the surface, at times very shallow under the surface, at times even just like some fungus on top of the surface.

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It is truly unfortunate that some in America hold this point of view, but it should also be remembered that not all Americans are of this opinion; in fact, though the nation is generally more conservative, this sort of extremism is very rare. However, though one would meet very few Americans who maintain these of opinions, it seems that the predominate media portrayal of the average American usually corresponds with this image. I discovered your blog after reading a review you had written of Murnau's 'Faust', and it is clear that you are an educated man. This being the case, it is my hope that you will keep in mind that extremism and unpalatable opinions exist in all nations and societies, and that the majority of Americans do not fit neatly within the simplistic, all-too-easy role they have been assigned by popular media.
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