Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hello Hello Students,

Here I am in the mountain two stations before the end of the line. Some info I just received:

Why Are YOU Voting for Obama?
I am voting for Barack Obama because we share a common faith in peace, justice, humanity, and social change.
Our faith was profoundly tested during 12 years of Reagan-Bush and 8 more of Bush-Cheney. America has fallen from the leader among nations to the pariah. Our economy is collapsing, our savings are vanishing, and our planet is in peril. Yet the powerful people and institutions who created this disaster continue to rule us - and rob us blind.
Barack Obama is an extraordinary gift to America and the world. Through compassion, intelligence, and hard work, he has overcome the enormous obstacles of race and lack of wealth. He is an inspiration to us all.
In just two years, he has built a movement unlike any in history. Thanks to his own family history, he has been able to bridge the divides of race and class to build the most diverse coalition in history. But we are not just temporary political allies - we are becoming one enormous family. And by focusing on the enormous problems we face as a people, he has given us Hope.
I am inspired by Obama's gifts of intelligence, compassion, optimism, and courage. I love his beautiful family, and the extended family he has helped us create. I want him to win, and much more importantly, for all of us to succeed. And I know it will be a struggle, every hour of every day.
We are in the fight of our lives, and of our childrens' lives. My vote is just the start of my commitment to that fight.
Why are you voting for Obama? Share your thoughts here:
Better yet, create your own thread here: "Post new forum topic" and for topic choose "My Vote for Obama." In the "Body" section, explain why you're voting for Obama. After you save it, use the "Send to friend" link below your post to email it to your family and friends, and encourage them to share their thoughts in the comments below yours.
Thanks for all you do!
Bob Fertik
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