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Grammar for all and English on top

Dr. Jacques COULARDEAU & English Grammar for French Students and scholars

English Grammar, Dynamic and all

One step in a method of guided self-learning

It is high time to start working on your English grammar and language if you have any exam or test sometime this year.
You have at any level of responsibility in any business that has a global ambition and works on the global market maybe not to be fluent in English, but at least to be fully correct both in your written and oral communication with, professionals and clients.
The secret is the regularity, the motivation and the strong personal involvement in the choice of subjects and fulfillment of the tasks going along with the documents collected in the self-learning unit.
Each student at this level (undergraduate, postgraduate and professional) is supposed to have a program of work totally customized to his or her interests and capabilities using all the resources you can imagine in the cloud and with modern technology.
The most exacting forms are telephone and written communication (email and letters) aiming at clear and well organized and balanced argumentative presentations, all that you have mainly not been offered to do in the standard French foreign language teaching institutions.
That’s what I propose you to do.







English is a living language and as such it has a living grammar. That’s this living grammar I tried to capture in this textbook or description. It is in French, except of course the quotations and examples. The ordering party at the time of research and writing wanted it in French. 

But a grammatical description of a language cannot help you with speaking the language, at times not even with reading it. Beyond the grammar, you may learn and understand you have to develop a practice of the language. Nowadays I am only working with advanced students who are engaged in advanced careers in medicine or in hi-tech, for instance, Artificial Intelligence. Up to last year, I also worked in the very specialized field of payroll and pay slip management.

The best method for “self” learning and teaching is to look for means to be in contact with oral and written English on a very regular basis and to be able to practice written and oral expression in English. Today with modern communication, the Internet, email and the telephone, smart or not, one can have that constant contact with English, oral and written, reception and production.
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Research Interests:
Languages and Linguistics, Distance Education, Self-regulated Learning, Teaching English As A Foreign Language, English Grammar, Face-to-Face Communication, Distance Learning, The Internet, Self Assessment in Language Teaching, and Telephone

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