Friday, April 14, 2017


Scientists in the whole world come together against political manipulation

Science not Silence TWO


Science is endangered by many events and politicians who want to make it a tool to their own objectives, some of them, if not many of them, being military. 

Science has to be for the good of people, of all people and science has to be THE VOICE OF OUR PLANET. 

Let science speak up and who better than anyone else can do it, if not scientists, research workers independent, in academia, in business and corporations, in startups and active, retired, in training or fully acknowledged. 

No matter how small and modest what we have "invented" is, be it only a new way to sow radishes with home-grown compost as fertilizer, or a new way to make jam in a microwave oven, if it produces more, costs less energy and imprints the planet with less trash, pollution, poisonous or toxic waste, you are a real Homo Sapiens, an inventor,  a technician, an engineer, a scientist and you want your science, your invention to benefit everyone and to guarantee the future of human life on earth and in the cosmos. 

You have to march for science and speak up for science.

Dr. Jacques COULARDEAU, a PhD holding linguist, an organic gardener and a jam maker (with microwaves only)

Research Interests:
Languages and Linguistics, Social Sciences, Civil Rights, Civic Engagement, Scientific Writing, Rights and Obligations, Scientific Research, and Responsible Consumption

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