Sunday, April 09, 2017


Pepsi's Controversial Ad Starring Kendall Jenner (with Commentary)

The Pepsi ad has been efficient even more than you may think since everyone is talking about it, commenting upon and even at times, like here, over it. Commercial efficiency is measured in how many millions of people actually watched the ad and that will make the product great and what's more the victim of a bigot witch hunt. Exactly the strategy used by Trump to be elected: the more you attack something or someone in our world of mass media and social networks, the more that thing or individual becomes famous and successful. We are entering the age of hostile publicity to be successful because of it. How naive you are! Now Pepsi will have a standard ad that will only allude to the previous one, or even hypocritically beg for the pardon of the millions of people who watched it and the ad campaign will be an enormous success. How simple minded! Not Pepsi, but people who fall in the trap of it.


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