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If you like escaping in tunnels rush there


Nathalie, Michael and Rip versus Sam, Gregor and Delinger. A full fight, both psychic and cosmic, yet contained in a test tube as big as a distillation laboratory. Check and you will see the rich complex and the long tradition of distilling anything into strong alcohol or whatever chemical distillate that can transform you and your psychic capabilities.

So let’s enter that strange world of Mad scientists who want to produce the super warriors who or that or even which will be eternal self-healing monsters capable of all the military exploits and crimes you can imagine like killing hundreds of thousands of people in one minute like in Hiroshima or Nagasaki, or mesmerizing any voting crowd into casting their ballots for a crazy man, or at least anyone the special psychic agent has chosen or has been ordered to choose. Science dystopian fiction or dystopian science fiction or fictional dystopian science. Let’s push the door to that world and see what so many authors have tried to imagine, like Jules Verne or H.G. Wells.

A bunch of children are gathered in a special center where they are supposed to develop some special ability they have in them like being able to see the future, to see at a distance both in time and space, to manipulate the minds of people, to read their thoughts, etc. That works till the organizers find out the children do develop these abilities but that no one can control the kids and their use of their abilities. In other words, the dystopian military objective of making them special psi-spying agents if not special fighting agents cannot be fulfilled. So they are supposed to be all of them killed by some military force under the commandment of a certain Gregory for the sake of saving the life and stake of the manager of the project, a certain Delinger, with the help of some watchers who are psi-spies working for some special military force.

Of course it sounds like the X-Files. But it could be different because of the possibility to communicate over vast distances from one to another of these children. They are nearly all killed, but a few manage to escape from the institution where they were imprisoned, the Whitemarsh Orphanage. The children were officially orphans but their disconnection from their parents was not necessarily kosher: death of the parents or being abandoned by the parents for adoption or whatever happens to children who do not officially have parents. That means their disappearance left no trace or track behind. They had already been erased from all social records. The escapees then had it easy in the US, which would not be easy in most other developed countries where a national identity number is attached at birth to all children with no reference to parents at all. Without that number you cannot simply survive in Europe for example.

The escapees after several years are alerted by some strange events that some watchers have finally traced some of them. Nathalie is the first one and she nearly falls because she did not train her ability for those escape-years. But with the help of a certain Vanlaar, an old wizard, she manages to escape from Arizona and to move to Boston where she has been informed Michael is. The chase is hectic, difficult and desperate. When this dangerous confrontation of Nathalie with and to Gregor in Boston, Michael and Nathalie finds out they have to move on, especially since Michael has trained his ability which is to be able to sense the future, an ability he had used to make money, not too much, as a trader. And at the end of this first episode he knows they have to move on.

Where will they go since the watchers, Gregor are Delinger are on their tracks? How can they try to recuperate one or two more escapees who may have survived? Hence we end up with a cliffhanger and one special key plus a set of other not so special keys on the table, not knowing at all what doors they open. Nathalie has an idea but it is a crazy one.

The only element that is activating our empathy is Michael’s dog, Rip, a loving big dog who apparently also has, like many dogs due to their very fine hearing and smelling sense, the ability to sense some coming danger. But now the drawing of the three is done, we wonder who the gunslinger may be to bring that triad to a quartet, though the dog should not be part of the triad and be an extra participant in the adventure. There is in this situation something Kingian that sounds like many of Stephen King’s themes like the Dark Tower, Mr. Mercedes or the Firestarter. Will the story go beyond a simple action saga for teenage videogame addicts? I am sure the following volumes will bring something interesting. Note the motorbike was used by quite a few, among others Joe Hill, one of Stephen king’s own sons.


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