Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Copyright and Fair Use, the conditions to our freedom of expression

Copyright & Fair Use, @ Amazon Kindle & Academia.edu


This is the synthetic presentation of both the Kindle 210 pages of personal notes, reviews, discussion and presentation of the documents available in free open access at academia.edu on one hand, and the said 550-page volume of documents on academia.edu on the other hand.

Two synthetic introductions and the two Tables of Content and some illustrations on the very subject of Copyright, Fair Use and the Freedom of Expression.

My personal study of the documents can be reached at any Amazon's Kindle Store
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Documents: Freedom of Expression and Copyright, The Foundations of All Liberties

The Kindle book will need the documents and you can download them at no cost.

Research Interests:

Censorship, First Amendment Law (USA), Copyright, Freedom Of Expression, Fair Use, US Supreme Court and Moral Rights of Authors

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