Thursday, February 09, 2017


From Berlin to New York, the music of the living words

Music wind of the mind
Crawling creeping sliding
In out through
Ears eyes skin

Music tempo of the soul
Beating dancing swinging
Up down gone
Hands feet head

Music tempest of the heart
Loving hugging cuddling
Back forth
            All around
Chest breasts
Elbows and arms

Sitting in the dark gloom of the abbey church I listen to the opening of some symphony that reverberates under the vault and among the columns.
A butterfly flutters gracefully in the sunshine and perches itself on my knee in some green meadow behind the summer house of the vacation.
Snowflakes hover in the air and lightly cover the sidewalk of the still benighted street of my city just one week before Christmas in the cold morning air.
On the big square on a bench my street homeless friend wakes up every morning when I come and every morning I give him half my ten thirty snack.
And all the time some music resonates in my brain and tells me in a whisper between the notes, among the keys and codas, a message that I will remember.
“Go your way and keep in your fists the acorn you saved last September, keep it for the forlorn forgotten forsaken squirrel of an alley urchin that has no shelter and that longs for love.”

An acorn
A walnut
An apple
A pear
Shared and split in half
Bestowed and received
With a hungry smile
With two eager lips
With many ravenous teeth
Flat sharp pure tonic C

The schoolboy offers in one hand
The sidewalk wanderer gathers with both hands
Raises his eyes and locks them
On the blue irises pierced with a dark question


A voice from on high then vibrates like a tuning fork

“I won’t pass you by, I promise!
“But don’t vanish and go, ever!”

Olliergues, February 9, 2017

Boulez-Bowie-Cohen & (74)

Happy the one who can leave in due time


Death makes life unforgettable


Three living stars have just died in the field of music. Three supernovas that were a galaxy of their own. Leonard Cohen, David Bowie and Pierre Boulez, the whole western world in a nutshell, Canada, Great Britain and France, and the last one directed and recorded Wagner as well as Frank Zappa. A whole world is leaving and we are left alone in the orphanage our world has become.

And yet they leave in, our hands, in our ears and in our eyes a whole world of illumination, hallucination, inspiration and exquisite frustration. We have to build tomorrow’s world with what they have just granted us as their heritage, as our inheritance. Let’s take care of it for ever and ever.

Dr. Jacques Coulardeau

Research Interests:
Music, Musicology, Popular Music, Death, Musicians, and Pop Singers

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