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Jacques Coulardeau at Amazon (16)

Jacques COULARDEAU, French & English translations

This edition of the Sigiri Graffiti set up in a dramatic form about the fate of King Kasyapa is dedicated to those who made my encounter with them and the Asparas on the Rock face possible.
First Sujeewa who welcomed me on the Centre of Eco-cultural Studies’ base in Diyakapilla  in July 2005.
Second Sudarshani who lived at the top of a tree and always made fun of my love for elephants.
Third the monks of the Pidurangala Monastery  where I had the opportunity to climb to the top of their rock and spend a full night with the reclining Buddha next to the plaque of thanks of the monks to King Kasyapa who gave them this rock in exchange for the Sigiriya Rock.
That was a good time of discovery and meditation that meant a lot of interesting cogitation and mental improvement.
I kind of found some epiphany after five years of extreme vagrancy and ten more years of primeval misunderstanding.
The Dhammapada and Pali were my healing potions and my visionary organic rational hallucinogens that had been elaborated by twenty five centuries of absolutely sober wisdom.
No one needs soma, chrism, ayahuaska or tobacco to go up to the sky of luminous imagination and the heaven of human wisdom.

Jacques COULARDEAU, Olliergues, July 18, 2014;;; and all other Amazon stores. KDP Edition
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