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La Parole de Saint Chrosome [Explicit]
Jacques Coulardeau


The train was running along its tracks
It could not believe what it was seeing
The blue sky of the summer full of stars
In the middle of the afternoon Hooray

You must be drunk
Choo choo train
You must be sick
Right through your brain

The car was just rolling on its wheels
Unconscious of the asphalt of the road
And when it opened its tired eyes
They blinked like dubious unbelievers

You must be whoozy
Bumpy bump car
You must be crazy
Right through all your scars

The plane was nicely gliding up in the sky
Light elegant like an albatros
A flash of light blinded his pilots
And it fell down like a dead cormorant

You must be lost now
Wings cockpit black boxes
Unpregnant with your passengers
Scattered on the sea bottom rocks

The ferry diligently rushed across
The Channel right through to Dover
The men aboard gambled and drank
Unconscious of the oncoming storm

You must be silly
Dear old ferry boat
Rocking rolling twisting
In the waves the ocean’s coat

But be sure I in my garden
Contemplate this heroic comedy
All of them rushing away
From their home sweet home

I must be getting old
Who doesn’t want any more
To travel far and wide
To some foreign folklore

And I rock my head in the sun
I roll my eyes in the shade
I twist my fingers on my coffee mug
Longing for the forbidden sugar

I am sure you may think
I am just fantasizing
Why then switch on the TV
And just start listening

Eleven dead bodies every day
On the roads, on the roads
And how many heavy tons
Of Carbon dioxide

Now I know you believe
My sanity is at stake
Why think of the dead
My heart’s still awake /
Product Details / Détails sur le produit
Total Length / Durée totale: 44:48
Genres: Miscellaneous / Divers
Format: Explicit Lyrics / paroles explicites

$6.99 / €8,39

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