Thursday, March 24, 2016


When it becomes urgent to start thinking wisely and acting intelligently

Jacques Coulardeau, Annunzio Coulardeau, José Valverde


From attack to attack Europe finds itself under siege and some pretend that we have the right to understand but we do not have the right to explain. 

As long as we cannot explain this resurgence of criminal and horrific violence among young people in Europe who for most of them were born in Europe, are European citizens and have been educated in Europe, we will not be able to understand. 

And that does not means excuse. 

When we reach some feasible explanation we can maybe get out of the cycle of weapons, repression and punishment to deal with the situation. 

We are in fact blind to the real causes and ideological procedures that bring these young people to these extreme means. 

But not so long ago French soldiers were doing quite a few horrible things in Algeria. That trauma is coming back out in the form of a Post Traumatic Colonial Stress Syndrome and Disorder and the price to pay for that negated crime is more crime. 

And to make everyone go over that PTSS is not going to happen at gun point, no matter on which side of which weapons we may find ourselves. 

Some might say we have to pray. Maybe. But we sure have to wash our blinded eyes with the fresh water of a wise explanation.

Dr Jacques Coulardeau

Research Interests:
Sociology, Political Sociology, Sociology of Religion, Political Economy, Political Philosophy, Sociology of Education, Terrorism, Violence, Traumatic Stress, Political Science, Political Violence and Terrorism, Trauma Studies, and PTSS

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