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Jacques Coulardeau at (52)



For at least forty years stage arts, drama, opera, ballets, concerts of all sorts, were my nearly everyday reality as a journalist for the press and various radio stations. I added the cinema progressively under the influence of Lucretia, my wife, and television under the request of Annunzio, my son.

I committed several plays and other creative pieces of children's literature and plain literature, for the press, for various radios stations and for the stage during the same period. I added some publications on paper and over the last five years I added Kindle as a direct and regular medium at the suggestion of Ivan, my assistant and co-author from 2010 to 2015. 

I have had a full career as a performer, on stage for five years and then on various radios for at least twenty five years.

Finally I published a lot of research in various journals on plays, playwrights, operas, and other stage and screen production. This file will give you a general list of these research papers and I hope you will enjoy the retrospective. Many of these articles have been  made public on and those you cannot find here, i can provide them to you if you send me a precise request. The list is not complete because many articles have not been scanned and digitalized for virtual publication.

Theater has been for me both a stage as an author or a performer, a house if not home as a critic, but also the secret haunt of the wings as if I were some phantom of some opera.

I will miss all that even before I decide to leave this life behind me even if today my contact with these arts is mainly indirect in the sanctuary of my village home in the central mountains of France.

Jacques Coulardeau at (32)
Théâtres du Monde N°25 – 2015


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