Monday, January 11, 2016


Slightly routine-stricken and humdrum: you need some new blood in these old bones


There is not much to say about this season because it is working on a well-oiled pattern and there is nothing new about it. Each episode has one case of some kind of decomposed body that shows its bones and everything is supposed to come from the bones.

Then you have a few couples, married or not and these couples go on with their lives kind of routinely. Dr Lance Sweets is going to be killed in one case though: a lost bullet before Daisy delivers their child. Routine of some kind, isn’t it? Arastoo Vaziri manages to drag everyone to Iran to take care of his brother who has cancer and then they have a case there, more or less underground and yet officially though under strained duress. Complex indeed! And then Angela Montenegro and Dr Jack Hodgins caress the idea of moving to Paris after Dr Jack Hodgins invents some kind of very soft plastic and makes a tremendous amount of money from it. And then Temperance Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth manage to announce they are leaving for some new career somewhere else after Booth has had a relapse into gambling and before Temperance delivers her second child.

Sorry but all that is as banal as a series that would be called “Your crime-addicted Friends” and we close on the final fare thee well hugging and embracing ceremony. It is all packed up and parceled with nice wet tears and some emotion. What can we do? It is finished then?

But what has this season brought up about the American society, about the world, about even the logic of criminals? From the spot where I stand right now, not much. It was before the nuclear deal with Iran and did not seem that optimistic about Iran and the future. Then most of these crimes were socially un-meaningful because they were nothing but crimes of passion, or crimes of greed, or crimes of blind violence or much racial tension. But there is nothing a standard mind can gnaw on or chew to reach a higher level of understanding or this American society in a globalizing world in which the USA are steadily moving towards losing their leadership.

Too bad! Just entertaining by being gross and gruesome with all these not so brilliant remnants of assassinated people! Enjoy the titillating smell of blood and taste of flesh and have some sweet nightmares.


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