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Jacques Coulardeau at Academia.edu (43)

Sweeney Todd For Ever




He is the sword of God, the fire of hell and the punishment of all your sins and crimes, you, the middle men of the financial moral and hypocritical dictatorship of some kind of aristocracy. That film would have been loved by the hardliners of the communist revolution who would not have seen the poetry but who would have only excogitated in a rush and considered in no time at all the social and political justice in this revolutionary barber who cleans up society in its own blood and feeds the flesh of his own crime to the gullibility and greedy hunger of the masses.

If you are not convinced about the poetry, the justice and the revolutionary meaning of this Sweeney Todd, just listen to his hymn, gospel and blues to his own razors.

These are my friends. 
See how they glisten. 
See this one shine, 
How he smiles in the light. 
My friend, my faithful friend. 
Speak to me friend, 
Whisper, I’ll listen. 
I know, I know – 
You’ve been locked out of sight 
All these years – 
Like me, my friend. 
Well, I’ve come home 
To find you waiting. 
And we’re together, 
And we’ll do wonders, 
Won’t we?

Research Interests:
Criminal Justice, Cannibalism, Judicial Precedent, Serial killers (Anthropology), Corruption, Razors, Social Injustice, Human Flesh Searches,Epistemic Injustice, Meat and meat consumption, Pies, Justice for All, and The Razors Edge

Here we are dealing with a famous myth of serial killing in the name of vengeance, hence perfectly sane and calculated, though it gets out of hand after a while. What interests me in such a case is how the fascination for such crimes and criminals developed in the 19th century, rather at the end pf it. Edgar Allan Poe was still considered as horror, maybe suspense, more than serial killing or crime literature. My question is then to know if this interest in crime is to be connected with a certain development of society or with a certain evolution of human psyche. This means that recent terrorist attacks could be seen in two different ways: either the resurgence of mass violence which was common several centuries ago in feudal or ancient civilizations that were not quite civilized in our modern meaning; or it is the result of the present level of development of western society that incites people who disagree in a way or another with some values or customs (and some of these can be negative and bad, like alcoholism, drug addiction or sexual promiscuity) of these various western cultures to become serial killers, to become multiple killers, to become mass murderers. I have not yet chosen which. And they might be other solutions you may suggest.

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