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Batman is being reborn as a nearly human bat


This new version of Batman was bound to rejuvenate the old story. It was intended to reopen the book though it was closing it in a way. Batman was not the flier we thought he was but he was only a very good acrobat who had very good weapons that threw cables all around and helped him get out of the muddy marshes of life right into the sky. At the end of his metal thread he looked more like a spider swinging in the wind than a bat, but let’s say he was close enough.

The main rewriting was not about that technical side of things. The bat mobile was not the great war tool it was supposed to be. It was awkward and did not play a great role. What’s more the flier version of it ended down on the steps to the  cathedral with Batman inside. Not very swift that bat mobile. But well you have to do with what you have and nothing else.

The main rewriting was not the car nor the plane nor any of these vulgar means of transportation. The main rewriting was the girl who went through all kinds of traps, tricks, fears and frights in the hands of the Joker or in the hands of Batman. Luckily or unluckily she fell in love. The poor darling! In love with a bat, and they say it drinks blood. But at the same time that makes Batman a real man who can fall in love and have an adventure with a woman. Once again, in 1989 we were still very far away from Proposition 8 in California and the rulings of the Supreme Court in 2014 or is it 2015. It was so earth-shaking that we don’t even remember the date.

But Batman knows how to do it in style with champagne and luxurious British cars with the driving wheel on the right side, and door opening the way they haven’t opened for now more than fifty years. That makes the film really attractive and the girl very remarkable since she is able to keep a secret. For a press photographer that is rather amazing. She cancelled her chance to get a Pulitzer Prize. You must admit love has no limits.

I guess after a few winter nights spent in solitude and fear she might find the adventure less attractive, but well, we will cross this bridge when we come to it, shall we not?


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By on November 9, 2005

The Joker Nicholson is a great paranoid psychotic clown that only wants to kill and hurt though he attracts people not with honey but greenbacks. Batman is a child fighting to get back to his parents, to bring them back to the only life they can know after death, and that is the root, the goal or the mind of the one who will purge Gotham of the evil Joker that does not even deserve a smile when he goes down into his macadam grave.

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, Université Paris Dauphine, Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne

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