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We all come from Africa, Thanks God almighty, that's sure!

The subject is vast, so I will jump into it directly. I have been working on phylogeny with Jacques Teyssier 1970-1973  at the University of Bordeaux III Michel de Montaigne. The notes of his last Masters class were edited and published in Rule Syntactica  (issue 1 to 11, 1992-1996). I then went on directly with Gustave Guillaume at the University of Lille III Charles de Gaulle and have continued ever since. 

I./ Gustave Guillaume’s “three areas” theory 
The essential lessons on the topic were delivered by Gustave Guillaume in 1958-1960. They were edited and published in 1995 by Roch Valin and Walter Hirtle . I will only remind you of two things here. 
When Gustave Guillaume says: 

“That’s how the primary area after having, in some places in this world, lasted for N millennia . . . petered out, replaced by the secondary area that too was to last more or less . . . It is not at all the same thing for the ternary area that was opened by the precocious extinction of the secondary area . . . : it demonstrates its unlimited capacity to last . . . the property given to each of the three areas to be able to last historically. The duration of the first two being limited and the duration of the last one being unlimited.”  (Gustave Guillaume, 294-295) 

Even if we may think he means duration only in some metaphorical way, it is today unthinkable to believe or even accept the death of thousands of languages in the world (The XVth World Congress of Linguists in this Laval University was dedicated in 1992 to that very problem of endangered languages) and it is difficult to imagine Semitic languages disappearing and isolating languages dying away. Of course the order in Gustave Guillaume’s thinking is not the same as the one I have advocated but the order is not at stake here. Languages are identifying elements for human beings and cultures and I am afraid that when a language becomes too defensive, it is because the end is close.

More Info: Ivan Eve was the assistant for this research
Publication Date: Jun 19, 2015
Publisher: Editions La Dondaine
Organization: Association Internationale de Psychomécanique du Langage
Location: Université Laval, Québec
Conference Start Date: Jun 17, 2015
Conference End Date: Jun 19, 2015
Research Interests:

Languages and Linguistics, Semitic languages, Ancient Indo-European Languages, Indo-Aryan Linguistics, Migrations (Archaeology), Phylogeny/phylogenetics, Indo-European Linguistics, Phylogeny, Homo Sapiens, Early Homo sapiens, History of Language,Indo-Aryan Languages, Isolating Languages, Agglutinative languages, Origins of Modern Homo Sapiens, and migrations out of Africa

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