Tuesday, June 23, 2015


A sad corrugated vision of sickening HIV spreaders

KIDS -1995

This is not a great film. Pictures, lighting, costumes and plot are in no way astounding. Probably not a very big budget film. Yet in 1995 some started calling it a masterpiece. It was not and it is not and it will not be. It is at best a manifesto and a testimony. Even Andy Warhol was better in his Flesh series of films.

An underage kid, out of school and out of work and still taken care of by his parents is explaining us his philosophy reduced to a three letter word that he dares call love. He has no love for anything and anyone. He only has lust for the three letter word he calls love. It starts with one girl and it ends with another girl while the first girl is being taken advantage of by another boy while she is out of it due to some drugs. But in between, since this chap only takes virgins, the first virgin has been discovered and tested as HIV positive and the second who was tested negative will be tested positive afterwards, and since another boy takes advantage of the first girl he will be tested positive too later on. The lusty and lubricious boy is also an HIV spreader.

And that chap dares say he only has that three letter word he calls love and if it were taken away from him he would have nothing at all. And make sure you hear me properly. He only takes and fancies virgins, and of course only girls. He is deeply anti-gay naturally, since he is a natural cock though closer to a chicken than to an adult rooster. But I guess he can cackle all the same.

This vision of these young men and women all of them underage and all of them cheating one or two or more years, evolving and indulging in endless promiscuity, in never ending alcoholic binges and in perpetual drug taking, this vision is sickening but it is true to the marrow and the bone for a rather important minority of young people who are not able to find any stability in their own families. So they steal, even from their mothers, so they brutalize and eventually kill – who cares – those who stand in their way though the film only shows Chinese and blacks in such situation of the victims of these hooligans’ thieving and mugging and brutalizing.

These are the dregs of society and to show them without any kind of depth or humanity is more or less targeting the good society to show them how bad it could be if these were to be authorized up even only one rung on the social ladder. They deserve to be at the bottom and to stay there. Luckily for good society at the time, and still today, these dregs do not want to go up and they are satisfied with soaking in their own sweat and other bodily juices.


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