Sunday, February 15, 2015


Such fiction is so anarchistically bad!!!


This is a remake of an excellent British series, but it does not have the charm of the original. It does not even have the political depth of the original.

For one the main character who is the democratic majority whip in the House of Representatives in the first season, then the Vice President in the second Season and will be the President in the third season is just hilariously unbelievable. That man is a mixture of Spiro Agnew who ended up in prison, Richard Nixon who was illegal from beginning to end with his tapes and his Watergate business and Al Capone who ended up in prison for evading taxes, all in one, the latest American political trinity. Kneel down and bow your head to pay homage to that new democratic Titus Andronicus. As such no one can believe the slightest detail of the plot. Political fiction has to be believable otherwise it is just plain shooting itself in the foot, if not both feet.

The plotting in Washington DC is well known but it is pushed so far that it looks like the IRA in the good old days. That man has some kind of private hit man on his staff who can kill or dig up garbage on anyone, provide women at a price and generally to embarrass the man with pictures or push the man into some kind of alcoholic coma that will enable the boss to come behind and finish the job.

That boss does not even hesitate if he has to kill someone. He is not even as careful as Al Capone who was never indicted for a murder. He becomes so hateful, being himself full of hate and him inspiring hate in us, that we cannot even enjoy the plot anymore. He has no empathy, he has no compassion, he has no sympathy for anything or anyone. He inspires disgust and loathing.

And his wife is not better. She is a dressed up female version in a skirt. They don’t even have a dog or a pet of any sort. They are monsters and such people cannot last long in politics because sooner or later, and nowadays sooner than later, someone will talk and some trash collector will collect the trash about them and expose it. Whistle blower in politics are like fungus in a cesspool.

What’s more the scenic panorama of Washington DC is so evanescent that we lose the charm of London and the Palace of Westminster not to speak of Westminster Abbey next door. Washington DC is like a hygienic and sanitized version of an old European capital.

You may enjoy it if you do not believe in politics and look at it as if it were some Sherlock Holmes enigma or some Hercule Poirot investigation. But it is not.


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