Thursday, January 22, 2015


Marshall McLuhan is seeing so far ahead that even Ray Kirzweil feels tipsy-turvy

McLuhan tells us man is inventing because he has that power in himself and he must develop these inventions because he is in utter need to do it in order to survive, and then later to develop. Some say this is going to bring the Singularity of intelligent machines as the next phase of human development. On one hand some tell us the machines will destroy humanity. On the other hand some tell us humans will have to accept to become mechanical hybrids with nanobots everywhere in us to keep some control. Is there a third and middle way, a third hand like in a poker game?
More Info: We will know in twenty years if a new post-intelligent-machine humanity is able to be born and to take over the world just like writing-reading did in about 5,000 years
Publication Date: Jan 21, 2015
Publisher: Editions La Dondaine
Location: Olliergues, France
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Apocalypse Theory, Singularity Theory, Marshall McLuhan, Alan Turing,Apocalypse, Singularity, Computational Intelligent, Machine Learning, Robotic, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ray Kurzweil, Marshall McLuhan: Understanding Media. The Extensions of Man, Matrix (film by the Wachowski brothers), John David Hawkins, Eric Kripke, Supernatiral, and Expansion of man beyond his senses

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