Sunday, September 07, 2014


Very few tigers in this story, quite special FX superficial


This is a film made for 3D effects. Those effects are more important than anything else in the film. This particular product has the film in normal Blu-ray Disc for those who are not equipped or for those who do not care for the 3D effects because they obliterate your critical vision.

That is just the point. The film as for its content is very limited. In the Samurai times of Japan two rival local rulers get into some kind of strife because the younger ruler uses the services of a witch to reach his target and that target is to get the older ruler from next door eliminated and his daughter bound to marry him. At the same time the Samurais of the older ruler are banned and forbidden to take revenge.

A half-breed, Kai, half European, half Japanese, rejected by all, has been trained by some special and sort of supernatural Buddhist order and as such has developed some super power, essentially extreme speed in reactions and unexpected attack from the side negotiating the direct central attack.

The banned Samurais get him out of his slavery as a prize fighter on some ship in some harbor to provide them with his special powers and his contact with his original order to get weapons. That’s how they end up 47 Samurais against the younger ruler on the day when he is going to be married to the daughter of the older ruler.

The rest is only special effects and the end is banal.

The supreme ruler of Japan imposes the normal end to the disobedient Samurais: death by their own hands, seppuku or ritual disembowelment (don’t worry you only see the shoulders of the Samurais: no bowels are visible: note that kind of death is a slow death). Only one is saved: the son of the leading Samurai. An ending showing the honor code of these Samurais who are eliminated though they only asked for justice and since it was not given to them they just took justice in their own hands and worked it out by themselves. When a system reaches such a point of absurdity it is bound to end very badly. And it did in 1945.


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