Saturday, August 23, 2014


Ten thrillers in three lines each, plus a longer review of the tenth at the end


Columbia is playing the great dame of New York. Ten thrillers, all from Columbia. Enjoy them one by one or two by two.

Looking for morphine and a Spanish treasure in the sea around the Bermudas. Sharks added, but they are just nice friendly meddlers.

A crime of money disguised as a crime of passion, jealousy and love in the good rich society of San Francisco. How surprising facts can be when you look at them with a twisted mind.

A classic for sure about American justice: it is all rotten and unredeemable. Too bad for you the young! In prison where you shouldn’t be you will be raped and whatever may happen next and you will have to die, . . . because you’re innocent. Justice has to justify its existence.

The case of journalism as the whistle blower about anything, any crime. What happens when the press-accused person is innocent? What happens if the prosecutor is convinced beyond any doubt he is always right? What happens if the accused has the means to repay that press back for the service?

This one is funny and it is the accusation of bureaucrats when they become endowed with any authority. They are born tyrants and they will die tyrants . . . or in prison.

The daughter of a rich family is running away from her lover. He hires a football star who is being harassed by some coach out of his team to look for her. The football star finds her in some Maya ruins in Mexico, or near by. She comes back but the other characters of the story do not get it that easy-going free-wheeling way.

Nicole Kidman carries this pale imitation of Twin Peaks, and so many other stories about a town and their hidden secrets, otherwise it would not have gone very far. She is great, that actress who was still very young.

A nasty racial crime in an all black (private and NCOs) unit in 1944 (all Commissioned Officers are white . . . OF COURSE) brings an investigating captain from Washington. He is black. You can imagine the situation in a small town in Louisiana where they had never seen a black officer before and what’s more to investigate a crime in which some white citizens and white officers are suspected. Gosh things can go wrong at times.

Hobos, simple moneyless travelers, criminals escaping justice, bounty hunters, hit men and sheriffs, all in the same basket eating one another’s faces. All that for what’s left of a million dollars. Going in and out of the little city of Red Rock, to finally hit the railroad, Jack, west if possible. There might be one survivor after all.

We move to Brighton, England, and a nasty ex-cop turned private investigator cheating with the law to help men get a divorce with some alleged, but fake, adulterous liaison. He liaises all right but two people end up dead and he gets nearly hanged. And the culprit couple manages to get away to Miami, the paradise of serial killers like Dexter. We were in 1959-60. That’s more than half a century ago.

Enjoy the films. They are entertaining and distractive, I mean they distract your mind away from serious problems like ISIS and other terrorist crimes like an English citizen beheading an American journalist with a butcher knife in front of an Internet camera.



An English film on some thrilling murder. Fascinating because of their strange system of justice. We are in the 1950s, just before the passage to 1960. The death penalty seems to still be in practice then, by hanging of course. They dropped beheading several centuries ago.

A private investigator, in 1959, is arranging adulterous affairs for men who want a divorce. The law was strict in those days in England. A lot stricter than in Henry VIII’s times. He uses his wife as the necessary actress for the deal and thus doubles the profit, and yet he is not rich, far from it.

He has a bad past with a 1957 police business when he was a policeman. He did something not exactly professional that ended up with the accidental death of a colleague. In other words a pretty bad character. His last adulterous collage turns dramatic with two deaths. The man is a very rich artist and he has an official wife from whom he is trying to get a divorce with this particular adulterous affair, and a mistress whom he wants to marry. What’s more he has just changed his will for this mistress to get everything, particularly all the works of art, the paintings.

We can think of at least four possible suspects, persons of interest that could be put under suspicion. One nearly gets hanged, not the one we may think is the real culprit, but who cares. It ends up with a couple who have arranged everything and are selling the paintings to be as rich as a gold mine.

It is not too badly done, and it is even slightly dynamic. If you add the touch of English humor you have to find in an English film taking place in Brighton, England, that even has a sign for Christmas and the tourists that says “WELCOM” the first time you see it and WELCOME” the second time, it is in a way funny Ah! Ah! I guess misspelling is an English characteristic. They are just checking if we are not sleeping.

Good entertaining evening. And welcome (with an E if possible) to Miami at the end, the Homeland of Dexter and CSI. A predestined place.


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